Rosario Crisci
Technical Artist - Creative Developer - Musician


Doctor Quarto!

Prolog treasure finder

Orienteering application

Colorful Island

Local Painter

Nivram League Warrior

Trip eMotion

Lost In Fear


Hello! I'm Rosario: a curious guy passionate about art, science and videogames. Since I was a child, creativity and passion for games were my key features.

John Frusciante and Blizzard games are those things that most influenced my life: Frusciante brought me into music just like Warcraft led me into gaming.

Thanks to my university experiences in Catania and in Milan I gained skills as software design, algorithm, AI, computer graphics, game programming and design: I found a way to make my passions professionally productive!

Now I'm looking for an opportunity that allow me to express my creativitiy, continue learning and cooperate in a well organized team.

Music and software development have something in common: in order to create good music or good software you need passion and outstanding partners.
I strongly believe in team work!

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